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SANDIS 7 Change Log

SANDIS 7.10:

Release Date 9.22.21. View the Video Tutorial

  • Address Verification for Client & Vendor Resources – A new enhancement was added to SANDIS that will verify address locations. The popup will appear when adding a new address or changing an existing address for both Clients and Vendors.
  • Burial Arrangements – SANDIS is now able to populate burial information from UFS into a new section in SANDIS. You have the option to view existing information or Add New information.
  • Multiple Guardians/Conservators – The Guardian/Conservator section has been expanded. There are now three tabs that can be used to identify multiple Guardians or Conservators.
  • SIRs Not Reviewed Update – SANDIS added additional columns of information to the reports for SIRs Not Reviewed. The new columns include Reportable and Incident Status.
  • Performance Contract Reports – This new feature replaces the previous version of the Performance Contract Reports in SANDIS 6. This new browser-based program is available on the Directors menu however it can be shared with others as needed. Additional programming now allows comparing multiple years to identify trends.


Release Date 5.17.2021. View the Video Tutorial

  • AARP Program – A new print to PDF or XLS function has been added.
  • Calendar Buttons – To assist staff with data entry, a new clickable “Today” function has been added to all of the calendar icons throughout the SANDIS program.
  • CDER Error Reports – The CDER Error Reports have been updated to include current errors from the Nightly Edit Programs. They include CDER errors for SCs and diagnostic errors. A common error seen on the reports is “Date Weighed is not entered.” To help prevent this error from occurring in the future, we updated the program to require a date if a weight is entered.
  • Client History – The “Export to Excel” function has been added at the bottom of the client history column.
  • Medicaid Waiver 3770 Program – A new SANDIS 7 MW3770 program is in pilot phase at SDRC, and soon to be released to other piloting regional centers. Once the pilot is complete it will be available for all regional centers.
  • SIR Follow Up Complete Flag – A new column called “Follow Up Complete” was added to the SIR history screen that clearly identifies the status of the follow up.
  • SDP Budget Report – DDS created a new report to assist staff with SDP clients by showing how much a client has remaining in their SDP Budget. This report is now available to print or email.
  • SDP Enrollment – DDS released a list of valid Reactivation codes for SDP terminations. We have updated the SANDIS SDP Program to check the Reason for Termination and only allow certain Reactivation reasons.
  • Welcome Screen Actions Button – The Actions button has been removed from all Welcome Screens. This button offered access to reports that are currently available under options in the Navigation section. To host the same reports in different places was sometimes confusing for staff, for maintenance, and for support. For this reason we removed the button. Also removed the Travel column from the PM Welcome Screen.
  • Welcome Screen Avatars – A new “Change Avatar” feature allows staff to select from a list of icons for their Welcome Screen. The default avatar is also available.


Release date 3.15.2021. View the Video Tutorial

  • DDS POS Expenditure Report – DDS created this report which is frequently used for SDP cases. After program modifications, SANDIS has completed the restoration of the email feature.
  • Intake Tracking Report – Excel report option added.
  • Manager POS Approval Queue – Additional column called “# of Days” was added to the Manager’s list of POS requests waiting for approval. The # of Days column displays the difference between today’s date and the POS Start Date.
  • Medi-Cal # Upload Report – Program revision and consolidated reports. SANDIS has adjusted the reports so they generate a printout even when the default is set to “Email as PDF.” This will go to the printer outque assigned to the person running the job. With features of the new spool file clean-up these reports will be purged regularly.
  • National Core Indicator (NCI) Contacts – A new field was added in SANDIS to identify the Primary Family Contact for NCI Surveys. When the NCI letters are sent to families, this feature will make it easy for DDS to identify the appropriate person and pull the information from all regional centers.
  • Spool File Cleanup – SANDIS has created a new program to purge print jobs routinely without having to do it manually. The program uses a table to indicate how many print jobs to keep, and then eliminates the rest.
  • Vendor Resource File Document Imaging – In addition to the new link for imaged vendor records, SANDIS has created an automated program to add the needed Storage Comment on all active vendor records.
  • Vendor Interface Reports – Revised and consolidated Vendor Bridge reports which include: Vendors being Added, Vendors being Changed, Service Codes for New Vendors and Service Codes for Updated Vendors. The reports can be sent to a printer or an outque. The Vendor Bridge Interface can be run manually or automated to run on the job scheduler at any regional center.


Release date 1.21.2021. View the Video Tutorial

  • Client Immunization Tracking – This new feature is found under the Client Health Information section. It allows tracking of Client Immunizations. In collaboration with DDS, this new area will allow the collection of COVID Vaccination data to be transmitted to DDS each month. This new program also allows regional centers to gather information on other client vaccinations as well. Reports will be available for tracking purposes.
  • Reports to PDF – To better accommodate staff working remotely throughout the state, SANDIS has modified the following reports to offer a PDF option: Notes (T19, Progress & Resources), POS Roster, CDER Overdue and Intake Tracking.
  • Resources Document Imaging – The Resources Program has been updated to include the Document Imaging link on each page. Previously, the link only resided on the “Vendor Search by Name” screen.


Release date 11.09.2020. View the Video Tutorial.

  • Character Count – New feature that will count the number of characters in text or comment fields. The program will either show a count down or provide a warning when you approach the end of character spaces allowed in the field. For example, this will be helpful when writing a very long Title 19 ID Note.
  • Client Contacts – A new tab called “Contacts” was added to allow staff to capture the client’s Primary, Emergency and Legal contact information. SANDIS worked with DDS on this solution to clearly identify these important contacts, consistent at all regional centers. DDS is planning to provide a Statewide Training on requirements and expectations for capturing Client Contact information. A Technical Announcement from DDS and meeting invitation from SANDIS is forthcoming.
  • Client Medical – Each text area in the client’s Medical section, has been increased and character counts added.
  • Data Integrity – Data checks have been added to ensure proper email address using an “@” symbol, and phone numbers now require an area code.
  • Referrals – Each comment text area in the Referrals program has been increased.
  • Self Determination Program – The Self Determination Program (SDP) status is now displayed on the client’s Primary screen. This will assist staff to easily identify those clients currently enrolled in SDP.
  • T19 Time Stamp – The time a Title 19 was originally written is now included in the display.


Release date 9.28.2020. View the Video Tutorial.

  • POS Bridge – A new field was added to the POS Bridge selection screen which allows you to select records by POS Begin date.
  • POS Bridge – The POS Bridge report will now display the Service Coordinator’s caseload code on the report of Authorizations created. This can help to identify the Service Coordinator or Unit where the client is assigned.
  • POS Program – The POS header section has been enhanced to display the Service Coordinator Name and Waiver Eligibility flag.
  • POS Program – A new button called, “Go To Auths” will automatically display when the answer to the question, “Does this Replace An Existing Service?” is Yes. Clicking this button will take you to the Authorization Change screen where you can review, modify, or cancel the existing authorization. When you exit this section, you will return to the POS screen that you were working on.
  • POS Program – Manager Approval screen has been updated to display a new column for “Start Date” and “Service/Sub Code.” This should provide additional helpful information about the services waiting for Manager approval.
  • T19 Management Reports – You will now have the option to export the T19 Summary Report or the T19 Interactive Report to Excel.
  • Welcome Screens – We have redesigned the “Attention Items” section at the bottom of the Welcome Screen. When you click on any of the tabs, like SIRs, POS, IPP, etc. the list will now only display those items.


Release date 5.11.2020. View the Video tutorial.

  • Authorization Changes – A new splash screen was created to direct the user to complete the correct section for the auth change they want to make (i.e. Increase/Reduce, Cancel, Extend and Other Changes).
  • Client Financial Section – A new page called “Accounts” was created under the Financial Section of the client record, where staff can track CalABLE and Special Needs Trust Accounts.
  • Client Financial Section – A new field was added to the Benefits tab under the client Financial section for “Other” benefits such as the new CalFresh, Railroad Retirement and any additional benefits needed.
  • Client Medical Section – A new field was added to the Health Providers section under the client Medical tab for “Date of Last Visit.” This will assist service coordinators to track their client’s visits.
  • Vendor SIR Entry Program – a new program for Service Providers has been created and currently in pilot phase. This new program allows service providers to enter Special Incident Reports directly into SANDIS and submit them to their service provider electronically.


Release date 12.27.19. View the Video Tutorial.

  • Client Financial Section – A new field called “Medi-Cal Renewal Month” was added on the Insurance tab under Financial Section of the client record, to assist Benefit Coordinators and others who need to identify the Clients Medi-Cal Renewal.
  • Client Guardian Section – A new field for “Educational Rights” was added to the Client Guardian tab.
  • POS Program – The POS program was modified to increase the maximum number of services to 25 Services, that can be added when creating a Multiple Services POS request. This change will assist staff when creating authorizations for Self-Determination clients. A summary total was also added to the screen.
  • Resource Vendor File – A new Error Message was created to help prevent Resource and QA staff from creating a new vendor records using a duplicate Alpha Key code. The vendor record will now onlybridge from SANDIS into UFS, if the Alpha Key is a unique value. Prior to this check, you would not have known this was a problem unless referring to the Vendor Interface reports.
  • Staff Transfer & Password Reset – These new programs were added for IT team members responsible for transferring staff codes in SANDIS or when resetting passwords after disabling user codes.


Release date 8.12.2019.

  • Client Sections – Most of the client and Inquiry screens have were updated with the “Date of Birth” clearly visible on each panel. This change affects the Address, Relationship, and History sections.
  • Client Relationship Section – A new column, called “UCI” was created for the list of relatives, if they are also a client oif the regional center.
  • Client Financial Section – A new field for “EPSDT Hours” was added to indicate the amount of “Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment” hours.
  • Client Requests – All of the screens that display a history has been expanded to display more lines. This change affects the POS, Transportation, and Referral screens.
  • Financial Inquiry – A new report has been added to the Financial Menu in SANDIS called “12 Month Expenditure Report.” This report was created by DDS and can be used for Self Determination reporting and budget preparation.
  • Service Provider Portal – An additional level of access has been added for regional centers that do not post Authorization documents to the Service Provider Portal (SPP). New Regional Center logs and a fresh new design has been developed.
  • QA Welcome Screen – The QA Welcome Screen has been modified so regional centers can decide which default version they want to use. The options are display by: Evaluator, Case Manager, or Liaison.


Release date 3.04.2019.

  • Electronic Case Transfer Program – The new Electronic Case Transfer (ECT) Program was developed with several regional centers participating in the pilot.


Release date 4.01.17.

  • SANDIS 7 – The new SANDIS 7 browser-based platform was developed, taking advantage of all of the native functions of the web, while eliminating the need for new “Build” version releases. Updates can now be deployed without installation headaches or user down-time.

Last Updated 9/01/21

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